At University of Innsbruck I thaught undergraduate's lab courses in "Computer Networks" and "Operating Systems" for three years. During this time I further supervised theses at the Bachelor and Master level.

Lab courses

Computer Networks: In the lab course "Computer Networks" students learnt and understood the practical aspects of Computer Networks, e.g. (net-)working with Linux, Internet socket programming, IP routing, TCP performance measurements.

Operating Systems: The lab course "Operating Systems" aimed to provide students with knowledge of the most important aspects of operating systems from a practical point of view, e.g. Unix filesystem, interprocess-communication (IPC), shared memory, threads & semaphores. The students had to solve practical assignments at home, e.g. programming tasks, which were discussed during the lab courses.

Bachelor and Master theses

The following topics were thesis and projects in the bachelor's and master's curriculum.

All subjects required students familiarizing themselves with new technologies, and doing some conceptual work. Good programming skills were beneficial.